National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Wildland Fire Education Working Team (WFEWT)

Wildland Fire Education Products

The following interagency publications, training courses, and audiovisual materials may be ordered from the NWCG National Fire Equipment System (NFES) Catalog.

P-101 Introduction to Wildfire Prevention (1997)
(available: Instructor guide; Student workbook; Video )

P-301 Wildland Fire Prevention Planning (1997)
(available: Instructor guide; Student workbook; Slide set)

S-203 Introduction to Incident Information (1998)
(available: Instructor guide; Student workbook)

S-403 Information Officer (2001)
(available: Instructor guide; Student workbook; CD-ROM; Video)

PMS 453 Wildfire Prevention Conducting School Programs Guide (1996)
PMS 462 Industrial Operations Fire Prevention Guide (1999)

Communicators Guide Wildland Fire
(available: File copy; Handbook; CD ROM)

PMS 912-2 Developing a cooperative approach to Wildland Fire Protection (1997)
(available: pamphlet; video)

PMS 915 Strategic Communications for Wildland Fire Management (1992)
(available: Facilitator guide; Discussion guide; Reference card; 3 videos)

PMS 917 Focus on Wildland Fire Prevention (1994)

The following are available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format:

PMS 451 Wildfire Prevention Marketing Guide (1996)

PMS 452 Wildfire Prevention Event Management Guide (1996)

PMS 454 Wildfire Prevention and the Media (1998)

PMS 455 Wildfire Prevention Strategies Guide (1998)

PMS 456 Wildfire Prevention Patrol Guide (1998)

PMS 457 Recreation Area Fire Prevention (1999)
PMS 458 Fire Communication and Education (1999)

PMS 459 Fire Education Exhibits and Displays (1999)

PMS 463 Establishing Fire Prevention Education Cooperative Programs and partnerships (1999)

PMS 464 Participating on Wildland Fire Prevention Education Teams Guide (2005)

PMS 469 Wildfire Prevention Sign and Poster Guide 2005