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Welcome to the Smoke Committee's (SmoC) website. Our plan is to use this area to collect smoke management issues, air quality regulations, strategies for managing smoke from wildland fire, approaches to technical smoke questions, and fire environment issues that affect smoke generation, transport, impacts and measurement.

SmoC tracks and develops interagency strategies for addressing air quality regulations and the management of smoke from wildland fires addressing criteria pollutants and standards, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Members are from the Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Forest Service, Department of Defense, National Association of State Foresters (eastern and western representatives), Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NAACA), and The Nature Conservancy. Other subject matter experts and stakeholders contribute as needed.

The Smoke Committee (SmoC) has been established by NWCG to provide interagency leadership, coordination and integration of air resource and fire management objectives to support overall land management goals. Air quality is critical to human health and welfare. Fire is an important disturbance process in many wildland ecosystems. SmoC strives to support successful management and utilization of wildland fire while appropriately addressing smoke impacts, to public health, welfare and safety.

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  • Smoke Management Overview 


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