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ABRO Aircraft Base Radio Operator, AD C
ACAC Area Command Aviation Coordinator, AD L
AOBD Air Operations Branch Director, AD K
AOBS Aerial Observer, AD F
THSP Air Space Coordinator, AD H
ASGS Air Support Group Supervisor, AD J
ATGS Air Tactical Group Supervisor, AD J
THSP Air Tactical Supervisor – attached to ASM1, AD J
CREP Crew Representative, AD G
CRWB Crew Boss, AD F
DECK Deck Coordinator, AD F
DIVS Division/Group Supervisor, AD J
DZOP Dozer Operator, AD H
DOZB Dozer Boss, AD F
ENGB Engine Boss, AD F
ENOP Engine Operator, AD E
FALA Faller Class A (up to 12” DBH), AD D
FALB Faller Class B (up to 24” DBH), AD F
FALC Faller Class C (equal to or greater than 24” DBH), AD I
FELB Felling Boss, AD F
FFT1 Firefighter Type 1 (Squad Boss), AD D
FFT2 Firefighter Type 2 (Crewmember), AD C
THSP Fire Lookout, AD D
FIRB Firing Boss, AD F
HEB1 Helibase Manager Type 1 (4 or more helicopters), AD I
HEB2 Helibase Manager Type 2 (1-3 helicopters), AD H
HECM Helicopter Crewmember, AD D
HLCO Helicopter Coordinator, AD I
HMGB Helicopter Manager, Single Resource Boss, AD G
OPBD Operations Branch Director, AD K
OSC1 Operations Section Chief Type 1, AD L
OSC2 Operations Section Chief Type 2, AD K
THSP Seat Coordinator, AD I
SEMG Single Engine A/T Manager, AD G
STAM Staging Area Manager, AD F
STCR Strike Team Leader Crew, AD H
STDZ Strike Team Leader Dozer, AD H
STEN Strike Team Leader Engine, AD H
STLM Strike Team Leader Military, AD H
STPL Strike Team Leader Tractor/Plow, AD H
STPS Structural Protection Specialist, AD J
TFLD Task Force Leader, AD H
TOLC Take-off and Landing Coordinator, AD E
TRPB Tractor/Plow Boss, AD F
TPOP Tractor/Plow Operator, AD H
WHSP Water Handling Specialist, AD F

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