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Conference Call Notes

January 12, 2011

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Sarah Fisher, FS, IBC Chair
Tim Blake, Branch Coordinator
Billie Farrell, FWS
Christine Peters, NPS
Dave Burley, BLM
Lisa Street, BIA
Janell Ray, NASF
Jill Lipsey, NASF
Nancy Hunt, BIA
Randy Hart, Operations
Kris King, Executive Secretary
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AD Pay Plan Update

Kevin Conn and Mike Morgen joined the IBC for this discussion. There was a general discussion regarding how to coordinate the pay plan with IQCS and other entities that could affect our business (ie. the DOI All Hazard Qualification Guide being written by Lisa Braunum at the Office of Emergency Management). This discussion occurred because the IBC wants to make sure the all hazard position titles and mnemonic indicators in the pay plan match IQCS and the DOI All Hazard Qualification Guide.

A decision was made to send Mike Morgen a listing of the 28 classified all hazard positions that will be included in the 2011 pay plan. He will validate them against IQCS and the draft DOI All Hazard Qualification Guide then notify Sarah of any inconsistencies.

Also, currently there are 3 driver positions in the AD Pay Plan. This is inconsistent with IQCS and ROSS and causing some ordering problems. Because of this, agency leads will determine their agency requirements for driver positions and report their findings to Sarah by Friday. If all agencies only require either a state drivers license or a CDL, a change will be made to the pay plan so the driver positions match IQCS.

Agency leads will continue moving forward with getting the 2011 pay plan issued and share a copy of the final product with Lisa Braunum.

State Reimbursement Procedures
The draft Cooperative Agreement Template should be finalized by the end of the week. Direction will follow from NWCG when the template is finalized. Each agency lead should come to the February meeting prepared to discuss the process their agency would like to use for state billings.

Test Form Re-Design Task Group
Nancy, Sarah and Lisa will meet tomorrow to discuss this tasking. At our February meeting Lisa will discuss a process to complete this tasking and a task group will be formed.

NWCG All Chairs Meeting
The NWCG all chair meeting is January 19th and 20th in Boise Idaho. Sarah sent the agenda to IBC. If members would like to attend any portion of the meeting, let Sarah know by COB tomorrow, and she’ll provide the information to Tim.

Sarah updated the calendar section (Appendix A) of the IBC SOP. Sarah suggested adding an Appendix B, which would provide information on requesting changes to the AD PP. All agreed to having Appendix B added. Sarah will update the SOP, and then send to Tim for NWCG signature.

Virtual Fire Assignments
The Forest Service wrote a position paper on virtual fire assignments. The information was presented to NWCG and they asked IBC to review the paper and develop interagency guidance for virtual fire assignments. The guidance should reside in either the Red Book or IIBMH. Sarah will forward the paper to IBC. This will be discussed further at our February meeting.

PII Tasking
Barb Sylte will have the report to IBC before our February meeting and we’ll discuss further at that point.

Conference Call Logistics
Group agreed to change the time of our monthly conference call to 10 a.m. MST. The date of the call will not change. Kris will send out a recurring invite to all with the time, date and call in information.

February Meeting Logistics
Travel to Mesa, AZ on Monday January 31, 2011. BIA will provide transportation to and from Pinetop, AZ for a 1 day site visit. The site visit will include reviewing the process for hiring/refresher training for BIA AD firefighters, and meeting with the tribal council. Reminder, the hotel block of rooms in Mesa, AZ is only available until 1/17/2011.

Travel Restrictions
Travel budgets are becoming more restricted. Discussed how this could affect our meetings. A decision was made to continue meeting 3 times per year. In determining where meetings occur, need to look at locations that are affordable and have something of value to our group for a site visit.

At our February meeting we will discuss alternate locations for our May 2011 meeting. Because of events going on in the D.C. area in May, we are unable to obtain lodging within our per diem rates.

Round Robin

  • Randy
    • Nothing to report
  • Christine
    • Nothing to report.
  • Billie
    • Continuing to work on Oil Spill issues.
    • Getting ready for the BLM meeting in February.
  • Janell
  • Working on getting a draft supplemental matrix out the group.
  • Jill
    • Nothing to report
  • Tim
    • Nothing to report
  • Sarah
    o Nothing to report
  • Nancy
    • Looking at the IIBMH section on foreign travel and see if it addresses the new DOI requirements for firefighters deployed to out of county assignments.
    • Will be out of the office most of February and March attending FMO meetings.
  • Dave
    • Working on BLM meeting/DOI meeting in February
      • Will bring any topics of interest back to the group.
  • Kris
    • Attended the NWCG web portal meeting in December. NWCG hired a contractor to build committee web pages. Each committee was to determine what they wanted on their web page based on available criteria by Feb 14. At this time, the contractor has not provided the available criteria.
    • Working on organizing the position descriptions for the AD Pay Plan.
    • The most current IIBMH re-write files are posted to myfirecommunity.net


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