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Incident Business Committee
(formerly the Incident Business Practices Working Team (IBPWT)

Conference Call Notes
July 13, 2011

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Tim Blake, Branch Coordinator
AnnMarie Carlson, Chair
Billie Farrell, FWS
Dave Burley, BLM
Janell Ray, NASF
Jeff Arnberger, Operations
Jim Fletcher, Geographic Area Coordination Centers
Lisa Street, BIA
Sarah Fisher, FS
Kris King, Executive Secretary

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OF-288 Re-Design Task Group – Update
Initially this group had a deadline of May 2011, so the new form could be included in the IIBMH re-write. This tasking will be updated to allow the group more time to discuss possibilities and receive input from the FS Payment Center. This group has had 3 conference calls and they have 2 versions they are looking at. One is in a row format and the other in a column format. The group is also looking at modifying the conditions of hire form as it is extremely outdated.

The next conference call will be July 27th.

NWCG July Meeting
Tim will be presenting the State Billing and Off Site Remote Assignments to the Executive Board. Dave Burly will speak to the DOI single point state billing and Sarah Fisher will speak to Off Site/Remote Incident Assignments at the NWCG meeting on July 20th in place of AnnMarie.

State Billing - Update
The final was sent forward to IBC and is ready for Tim to present to the Executive Board on July 20th.

Off Site/Remote Guidance – Update
A lot of good comments were received when this was vetted through the branches. Sarah reviewed all comments with Tim and a final version will be presented to the Executive Board on July 20th.

Incident Business Advisor – Update
Dave is still working on this, will provide another update in August.

Large Fire Cost Review Guidebook
Tim brought forward a verbal tasking from the Executive Board. The board had initially discussed tasking IBC with summarizing lessons learned from large fire cost reviews. The Executive Board decided to drop that tasking and instead would like the Large Fire Cost Review Guidebook updated. Specifically page 8, the paragraph regarding annual report structure needs to be re-written or removed from the Guidebook.

Tim requested this task be completed by August 17th so he can report out to the Executive Board. Sarah will track down an electronic version of the Guidebook, as it was written by a special task group established by the Fire Directors, and send to AnnMarie to coordinate the changes.

I Suite Privacy Act Info (PII Tasking) – Update
No update available, re-calendar for August.

Incident Contract Project Inspector – Update
Dave has the position taskbook in the correct format. Working on compiling documents together for submission to OWDC through Jeff Arnberger. Will send the final information to IBC in the next couple of weeks and then submit to OWDC.

Complexes Merges Splits – Update
Dave sent the draft memo and matrix to IBC for final comment. Once this comment period is over, Dave will put together a final package and submit it through Tim to the Executive Board. When they’ve approved it, the matrix and memo will be sent out to the field.

Buying Team Taskbooks – Update
Sarah is still working on this and will provide another update in August.

Round Robin

  • Lisa
    • BIA’s budget officer took another position. Gini will be filling in as the budget officer for the next couple months. Lisa will be attending IBC regularly during this time.
  • Sarah
    • Went out as an IBA to the Wallow Fire. It was a good assignment and there were a lot of lessons learned. At the incident they were doing a lot of splitting databases and putting them back together. The Forest is still working on compiling all the finance records from the different IMT’s.
    • 2 BIA Incident Business Advisor trainees and 3 FS coordinators got really good training out of the incident.
    • A contracting issue was discovered, agreement language on business agreements are different between federal agencies. Agencies have different requirements. Need to work on this post season and make the agreements more interagency.
  • Billie
    • Sent out a reminder to FWS folks that the IIBMH re-write comments were due August 1st.
    • Will send out a link to IBC for the DOI E-Mentoring System. FWS will be testing out the system for the next couple years. Currently doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Jeff
    • Nothing to report.
  • Dave
    • Will be acting Budget Officer starting in September. The vacant position has been re-announced as a fire covered position. The vacancy will close on July 7th. ….
  • Janell
    • No fires in Colorado, so catching back up. …...
  • Jim
    • Receiving reports from the SW regarding contractor issues that are emerging.
  • AnnMaire
    • Spent 2 weeks in NV and 1 on vacation, so just trying to catch up.
    • Working with Tim and Sarah to make sure fulfilling the requirements as the Chair.
  • Tim
    • Thanks to the group for all the hard work on the last 2 taskings.
    • NWCG is beginning the next phase of IMT Succession. They are working with Workforce Development to implement. There may be business implications as this is implemented.


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