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Incident Business Committee

Conference Call Notes
March 9, 2011

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Sarah Fisher, FS, IBC Chair
Tim Blake, Branch Coordinator
Billie Farrell, FWS
Dave Burley, BLM
Janell Ray, NASF
Jim Fletcher, Geographic Area Coordination Centers
Randy Hart, Operations
Kris King, Executive Secretary

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IBC Chair Recommendations
As a follow-up to the February meeting in Arizona, IBC members were to bring name recommendations forward for consideration as the group’s new chair. The Forest Service brought one name forward, Sheri Elliott (Regional Business Coordinator in California). Tim asked others to consider additional candidates as it’s better to have a large pool of candidates for NWCG to consider. Additionally, Tim informed the group that he’d asked NWCG to provide candidate names.

If anyone wants to submit a name for IBC Chair consideration, they must submit a bio (less than 1 page) on the candidate to Sarah by March 31, 2011. Sarah will consolidate the bios and provide them to Tim for presentation at the April NWCG meeting.

IBC Operations Member Recommendations
One recommendation, Jeff Arnberger (BLM) brought forward for consideration as the groups new Operations member. The group still has time to consider additional recommendations. If IBC members have a name to be considered, they need to bring a bio (less than 1 page) to the May meeting. Randy is retiring in December 2011 and the candidate selected will begin attending the IBC meetings in October 2011.

IBC Executive Secretary
Kris King will be extended for an additional 2 years. If anyone has concerns about this extension, they must bring them forward to Sarah by March 30, 2011.

State Billing Procedures
The deadline for submitting agency processes for State billings was February 28, 2011. Currently FWS and FS have responded. It is a priority for agency leads to provide their billing process to Sarah ASAP. Once received, Sarah will pull the processes into a draft guidance document. Tim will provide the draft document to NWCG during their April meeting.

May Meeting
Billie emailed IBC members information on hotel rooms, meeting location and transportation in Portland, OR. Billie will reserve a projector for the meeting and set up having a local FWS refuge attend the meeting for a short power point presentation.

During the March NWCG meeting there is an agenda topic – Federal Travel for NWCG Committees. Howard Hedrick (BLM) will be presenting information to NWCG regarding BLM travel ceilings. Tim will update the IBC regarding the outcome of this discussion as it may affect the groups travel.

I-Suite Privacy Act Info (PII Update)
No update, Christine not on the call.

Complexes, Merges, Splits
The matrix was sent out for a final review before forwarding to NWCG. During the last review, the Fire Reporting Committee (FRC) requested to have business rules added to the matrix. Dave will send Tim the finalized matrix, and Tim will then coordinate a meeting with Dave, Paul Schlobohm and Rochelle Pederson to discuss the changes FRC has in mind before moving forward to NWCG.

Incident Contract Project Inspector (ICPI) Update
Dave will complete the paperwork (OWDC form) proposing the Incident Contract Project Inspector (ICPI) position be adopted as a 310-1 position.

Buying Team Task Books Update
Ron is working on the paperwork (OWDC form) proposing a Buying Team Position be adopted as a 310-1 position.

Large Fire Cost Review Update
Tim will meet with Brian McManus and Lyle Carlile to clarify what the Executive Board would like the IBC to accomplish regarding Large Fire Cost Reviews. Then Tim will draft up a paper documenting what they are requesting and present it to NWCG. Upon NWCG approval, further instruction will be reported to IBC.

Virtual Fire Assignments
The team of Billie, Dave, Jim and Randy discussed the issue of providing guidance for employees on virtual fire assignments. From their discussion, draft guidance was written. The draft guidance is being reviewed by the team members and then will be sent to IBC. Team member comments are due to Billie by March 15th. She will consolidate the comments and send the guidance to the IBC for review/comment. IBC comments due to Billie by April 1st. Billie will consolidate comments into a draft document and send to Tim by April 13th for presentation to NWCG.

AD Pay Plan PD’s Classification Review Project
Kris almost done with the documentation of classified PD’s. A final report will be sent to Sarah by the end of the week.

  • June 14th is the deadline to ask for NWCG funding. Will discuss the findings at the May meeting and determine if funding needs to be requested for classifying pd’s.

IBA Course Evaluations
Dave will forward IBC an email with course evaluations that he received from Carol Salo. The biggest concerns from Carol:

  • Not having control over who attends. Some attendees do not have baseline knowledge
  • Lack of emphasis on leadership in the course. Suggest having a 2nd module on leadership
    • Tim encouraged weaving leadership into the course context instead of having it as a 2nd module.

The IBC will discuss the comments and concerns further at our May meeting.

FY 2011 AD Pay Plan Update
OWFC is still working through the process with DOI HR for approval. New DOI HR Director has been briefed.

Forest Service HR is reviewing the 2011 AD Pay Plan. It is intended to be sent to the WO by the end of the week for signature and issuance.

Round Robin

  • Dave
    • Received an email from Linda Snow on records retention kits. When you access the internet link provided there is no records retention information. Not sure what Linda is looking for.
      • Nancy was the Incident Records Liaison so Sarah will have her take the lead on tracking down exactly what Linda needs from IBC.
    • Might be in and out of the office for the next couple weeks, filling in on fires in NM.
  • Billie
    • Getting ready to email information out to the field regarding the changes to FEMA billing procedures. Will include agency leads on any emails sent.
    • While working on the virtual fire assignment guidance, found an old document from the Support Codes Working Team. The document is undated, has no names or source info and is a draft. Requested the group re-look at this document and issue guidance if needed. Per Sarah, the FS has no issues with support codes and has guidance in place. The DOI agencies need to discuss the support code issue with their budget folks. Billie will send the document to IBC to discuss further at the May meeting.
      • Jim will complete a list of what if’s to include in the May discussion.
    • Took S-360 course last week. The course was good and Ron Schilz had a lot of information. The course needs to be updated.
    • Clarification from the group/questions for the group:
      • Is S-260 available on-line
        • It is not officially on line, but will go live in March.
      • Update on the Test Form Re-Design tasking
        • The charter is signed and Lisa Street has taken the lead on the tasking. She will be contacting the participants to set up meetings.
      • AD Travel Process Update
        • Dave spoke with Rod Blooms, once the AD Pay Plan for 2011 is signed and issued they will discuss the AD travel process again.
      • AD Instructor not really an emergency, but pay plan states can be used if all other avenues exhausted. Looking for clarification of this guidance.
        • Per Sarah although it’s a fine line, the trainings are to prepare for emergencies and the language has been approved by HR. Therefore it is ok to pay instructors from the pay plan as long as all other sources are exhausted.
      • Instead of re-scheduling meetings and/or having members not attend, can our group establish backups that would have the full authority to represent their agency/group?
        • Per Tim other committees have written guidance on this subject. He will forward it to Billie for review and discussion at our April meeting.
    • Teresa from BIA requested a copy of the 2011 AD Pay Plan because she is getting calls from the field and her BIA contacts are out this week. A copy of the draft was provided along with instruction that it was not for public distribution. Addition instruction provided to continue using the 2010 Pay Plan for guidance/instruction as the 2011 has not been finalized.
    • The next IIBMH re-write meeting is April 12-14 in Boise, ID.
    • The vice-McManus position should be flown soon.
    • Each agency is in a different phase of implementing background checks for AD’s. Currently none are completing the background checks.
  • Janell
    • Nothing to report.
  • Jim
    • Guidance in the IIBMH for a 2 hour call back needs to be clarified better. Suggest discussion at the next IIBMH re-write meeting.
  • Randy
    • Nothing to report.
  • Tim
    • March 16th NWCG meeting there will be a discussion on All Hazard and relationships NWCG has with FEMA. Each director has their own philosophy regarding All Hazard. This discussion will clarify All Hazard so NWCG can provide better leadership and guidance.
    • 310-1 changes are coming on June 1. There are no incident business implications, but the currency section will change to list out positions needed to keep you current.
      • A memo will be sent from NWCG with further information.
    • Sending a curriculum management plan to the committee chairs. The plan will explain the budget process when requesting money from NWCG.
  • Sarah
    • The FEMA MOU is finalized and was sent to FEMA for signature.
    • Solicitations are being sent out for field review soon. Will forward the solicitations to the group. Dealing with a lot of solicitation language after bids are received. Encourage everyone to look over the solicitations.

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