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Conference Call Minutes

January 18, 2011

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Participants: Gordy Sachs, Tim Blake, John Miller

  1. Update from Branch Coordinator (Tim Blake)
    1. Upcoming meeting with FEMA – how do we update products, forms, etc. The Executive Board hopes they are getting the right people in the room. There will be discussion on the role of the committee; need better relationship between NWCG Executive Board and the NIC at the national level. The Executive Board knows the committee has issues; these will be addressed at the All-Chairs meeting.
    2. All-chairs meeting is January 19-20; expecting about 100 people.
    3. Mark Jones (BLM) is the new chair of the Operations and Workforce Development Committee; Incident Business Committee is looking for a new chair as Sarah Fisher’s term expires.
  2. Upcoming meetings involving the committee (Gordy Sachs)
    1. NWCG All-Chairs meeting – Gordy Sachs will attend. Don Grant will attend from the NIC; Ashley Moore will attend to talk about Standards and Standards Development Organizations.
    2. Joint meeting with OWDC, IMWG & CCMWG – February 15-17 – all members will be attending; John Miller will be “floater” as all other committee members serve on more than one of the committees meeting.
    3. FEMA Project Support Team meeting is in DC February 8-9 – Gordy Sachs will attend.
  3. There will be no conference call in February due to the joint meeting. The next conference call will be March 15.


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