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Conference Call Minutes

September 20, 2011

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Gordy Sachs, Jason Steinmetz, Mark Koontz, Vince Mazzier, Tony Doty, Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, Dale Dague, Tim Blake
Guest: Eric Runnels, FEMA National Integration Center
  1. Update on PPD-8 (Eric Runnels)
    1. Slide presentation with Q&A.
  2. Update from Branch Coordinator (Tim Blake)
    1. Program Management Unit (PMU) is considering the theme/format for the 2012 NWCG All-Chairs meeting. It may be a virtual meeting, possibly in February.
    2. PMU is discussing the relationship between OWDC and the Wildland Fire Institute.
    3. PMU is working on the FY 2012 budget.
    4. Other projects in various stages of development/consideration:
      1. Wildland fire boots
      2. Interagency guidance on Serious Accident Investigation
      3. State billing issue
      4. Guidance for remote assignments
      5. Business practices for complexes, mergers and splits (multiple incidents)
    5. NWCG Executive Board (EB) monthly meeting is being held this week. Some topics to be discussed:
      1. Review of succession planning recommendations and implementation plan.
      2. Final report on AHIMT pilot project.
  3. Update on recommendation to add structure fire resource designators to ROSS (Tim Blake)
    1. Tim passed on the briefing paper to Jon Skeels. Jon advised that the committee was approaching the issue the proper way, and that he will get back to the committee either through Tim, or possibly through a conference call with Tim, Gordy and Mark. Some of the mnemonics may already be in ROSS, just need to make them “standard” and let the dispatch community know. He was very positive about making the designators standard. Tim will follow up with Jon, including making sure the proper process regarding the ROSS Change Management Board is covered.
  4. Update on tasking from NWCG Executive Board (EB) – All Hazards Support Doctrine (Gordy Sachs)
    1. Memo with Task Team’s concerns and recommendations was sent to Tim. Memo will be provided to EB; Tim, Gordy and Tony will brief the EB on the Task Team’s recommendation on Thursday, September 22, 2011. Important concepts are that doctrine should be agency-wide (not fire-specific) as FS All-Hazard Doctrine is. (LEI and DOI were involved in development of FS A-H Doctrine.) DOI will follow-up with their Emergency Management Board about development of a DOI A-H Doctrine. Task Team’s recommendations for changes to the Red Book were provided to Red Book committee for meeting that starts today; updates to recommendation from DOI will be provided to the Red Book committee today.
  5. Committee Chair term/replacement (Gordy Sachs)
    1. Gordy’s term as Chair expires in October. Tim advised that committee should recommend Chair; EB makes final decision.
    2. Gordy recommended that Jason Steinmetz be recommended to be the new committee chair; committee members concurred. Formal recommendation will be sent to Tim for EB consideration.
  6. Update from OWDC (Mark Koontz)
    1. OWDC meets next week. Issues to be discussed:
      1. 310-1: NIMS training requirement delayed until September 2012 (BIA compliance date); can’t require full NIMS compliance until that point.
      2. PTB timeframe (three years versus five years).
      3. The 410-1 Fireline Handbook is up for revision; OWDC is considering adopting FEMA’s ER FOG for core ICS information and only maintaining a wildland-specific annex.
      4. ICS training crosswalk (funded by FEMA through Emergency Management Institute) is making good progress. Completion date is unknown.
  7. Update from AHIMT Oversight Group (Tim Blake)
    1. Final report on pilot project is on the EB agenda.
  8. Update from FEMA PST (Gordy Sachs)
    1. Next meeting is November 8-9 in Washington, DC. Jason will attend representing the NRF/NIMS Committee.
  9. Update from FEMA IMWG (Mark Koontz)
    1. Next meeting is in October. Some items to be discussed:
    2. Revamping the NIMS qualification guide to include how to implement a qualification process
    3. Newly-released FEMA credentialing guide may be interpreted as contradicting the draft qualifications guide; however, the intent is for two more documents to be released which each “dig deeper” into the process. This will minimize the confusion with the qualifications guide.
    4. Task books for Type 1 and Type 2 Command & General Staff have been received from the contractor. Not clear what will happen with them in the near term.
  10. Update from FEMA CCMWG (Gordy Sachs)
    1. August conference call was cancelled.
    2. No calls or meetings scheduled at this point.
  11. Updates on other FEMA WGs
    1. Jason will be participating with the Aviation WG and Emergency Management WG
  12. Next call: October 18, 2011.


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