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Risk Management Committee BrochureThe purpose of this Risk Management is to improve firefighter health, safety, and effectiveness through emphasis on excellence in workforce development, leadership, and the establishment of standards. Through data collection and analysis the committee will validate and prioritize safety issues for resolution and communication to the field and management. Committee principles will emphasize the values embodied in High Reliability Organizations and help promote the concepts within the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.

List of Risk Management Summaries

Agency Administrator's Guide to Critical Incident Management



Front line firefighters tool that provides a way to be heard and get unsafe situations resolved.

2012 SAFENET Summary

6 Minutes For Safety logo

An interagency safety initiative that addresses high-risk situations that historically get firefighters in trouble.


Rhabdomyolysis Epidemiological

2015 Final Safety Gram:

Safety-Grams and more

Health and Fitness for Volunteer Fire Departments

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