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The Safety Alert system is intended as another mechanism to provide safety related information to the field in the shortest possible timeframes.  It is a web-based system that sends the alerts as an email message to a list of recipients within each agency.  Those recipients are in turn expected to forward the message as soon as possible to subordinates, coworkers and interested parties within their organization.  The expectation is that the messages will continue to be forwarded within the appropriate fire and safety communities, down to the lowest levels, and that they will receive a wide distribution in a short period of time.

There are three levels of Safety Alerts:

  1. Safety Warning- A warning of a safety hazard that poses an imminent threat to life or property.

  2. Safety Advisory- An advisory on safety information that isn't related to imminent or potential threats of injury.

  3. Safety Bulletin- A factual confirmation of a serious accident, incident or fatality.  

LINK  Click here to read posted safety alerts.


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