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John Glenn, BLM Fire Operations Division Chief


NWCG Chair signature of Aitor Bidaburu


June 15, 2012


Wildland Fire Institute Board of Directors Letter of Appointment – John Glenn

The NWCG Executive Board (EB) is pleased to appoint you as the new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) representative on the Wildland Fire Institute Board of Directors, replacing Lynda Boody. The establishment of this Board is a significant step forward in laying the foundation for the success of the Wildland Fire Institute (WFI).

The WFI is a paradigm shift in wildland fire training, learning, employee development, and workforce planning. The Board of Directors (BoD) is an important first step in the startup of the WFI and is critical to the efficient transition from the current wildland fire training and learning model.

The role of the Board of Directors is to:

  • Provide strategic guidance and oversight for the Wildland Fire Institute.
    • Focus on learning and development.
    • Develop the Transition Plan for the WFI and provide oversight for the transition
      • Initial Plan outlines standup and transition to WFI; 3-5 year plan.
      • Transition Plan development can be facilitated and administrative support provided if requested.
  • Recommend funding priorities based on NWCG Executive Board strategic direction.
    • NWCG EB determines annual program and project funding based on BoD’s recommendations.
  • Policy Making – Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and operational guidance for the WFI.

In addition to the above, this first BoD will be responsible for developing and defining business practices and operating standards for the Board.

For the transition period, the Executive Board has designated a WFI Implementation Task Team (ITT). This body will provide subject matter advice and, to a limited extent, provide staff work to the BoD. All ITT members will continue to work within their existing supervisory structure; they are a member of the ITT for the expertise and background they can provide, in part, based on their current position.

Deb Fleming, NWCG Training Branch Manager, and Bonnie Wood, NWCG Manager, will be your key contacts for the BoD. Enclosed you will find the WFI Board of Directors Charter and Intent Document.

Thank you for your support of the Wildland Fire Institute. There has been considerable work and hours of deliberation to get to this point. Your role now is critical to continue the good work already completed.

Attachment A: WFI Board of Directors Charter
Attachment B: WFI Board of Directors Intent Document

cc: NWCG Executive Board
Bonnie Wood, NWCG Manager
Deb Fleming, NWCG Training Branch Manager
Program Management Unit (PMU)
Budget Advisory Unit (BAU) Chair
Roy Johnson, OWFC Deputy Director
Rod Bloms, OWFC Program Analyst
Bill Waterbury, Forest Service
Dan Smith, National Association of State Foresters
Lyle Carlile, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Marie Bates, WFI Administrative Support



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