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Numerical Listing of Publications

Alphabetical Listing of Publications 

flame icon PMS 449

National Fire Equipment System Catalog - Parts 1 and 2

flame icon PMS 900 NWCG Operating Principles and Guidelines
(June 2014)
flame icon PMS 509 Aerial Supervision Logbook (June 2014)
flame icon PMS 926 Agency Administrator's Guide to Critical Incident Management (July 2008 )
flame icon PMS 485 Agency Administrator Ignition Authorization (November 2013)
flame icon PMS 410-2 Appendix B: Fire Behavior (April 2006)
flame icon J-354 Base/Camp Manager (February 2004)
flame icon PMS 475 Basic Land Navigation (June 2007)
flame icon PMS 551 Clinical Treatment Guidelines for Wildland Fire Medical Units
(July 2012)
flame icon PMS 907 Course Coordinator's Guide (December 2014)
flame icon PMS 910

Data Standards (December 2012)

flame icon J-342 Documenttion Unit Leader  (November 2008)
flame icon NFES 2736 El Refugio De Protección Nueva Generación  (2004)
flame icon J-255

Equipment Manager (July 2004)

flame icon PMS 463 Establishing Fire Prevention Education Cooperative Programs and Partnerships (October 1999)
flame icon PMS 458 Fire Communication and Education (March 1999)
flame icon PMS 901-1 Field Managers Course Guide (April 2014)
flame icon PMS 459 Fire Education Exhibits and Displays (March 1999)
flame icon PMS 481

Fire Effects Guide (1994)

flame icon PMS 448

Fire Equipment Storage and Refurbishing Standards (May 2011)

Appendix A: Fire Equipment Storage and Refurbishing Standards (May 2011)

flame icon PMS 474 Fire Prevention Education Team Leader Guide (August 2007)
flame icon PMS 304-2 Fitness and Work Capacity (January 2010)
flame icon NFES 2665 Gaining an Understanding of NFDRS
flame icon PMS 936 GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents (September 2014)
flame icon PMS 205

Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology (October 2014)

flame icon PMS 460 High Pressure Portable Pump Instructions (April 2010)
flame icon J-257 Incident Communication Center Manager (October 2003)
flame icon PMS 461 Incident Response Pocket Guide (January 2014)
flame icon PMS 462 Industrial Operations Fire Prevention Guide (September 1999)
flame icon PMS 501 Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide (May 2015)
flame icon PMS 505 Interagency Aerial Supervision Guide (January 2014)
flame icon PMS 508 Interagency Airtanker Base Operations Guide (May 2015)
flame icon PMS 503 Interagency Aviation Mishap Response Guide
and Checklist
(January 2011)
flame icon PMS 504 Interagency Aviation Technical Assistance Directory (April 2014)
flame icon PMS 443 Interagency Ground Ignition Guide (September 2011)
flame icon PMS 510

Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (February 2013)

flame icon NFES 2160 Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook
(August 2012)
flame icon PMS 484 Interagency Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation Procedures Guide (April 2014)
flame icon PMS 506 Interagency Single Engine Air Tanker Operations Guide (April 2014)
flame icon PMS 430 Interagency Standards for Wildland Fire Module Operations (March 2013)
flame icon PMS 442 Interagency Transportation Guide for Gasoline, Mixed Gas, Drip-Torch Fuel, and Diesel (April 2011)
flame icon PMS 426-3 Interagency Wildland Fire Weather Station Standards & Guidelines (October 2014)
flame icon PMS 494-2 Leading in the Wildland Fire Service (January 2007)
flame icon PMS 315 National Interagency Buying Team Guide
flame icon NFES 2710

New Generation Fire Shelter  (2003)

flame icon PMS 308

NIMS Wildland Fire Qualification System Flow Chart (January 2014)

flame icon J-252 Ordering Manager (October 2003)
flame icon PMS 464 Participating on Wildland Fire Prevention Education Teams Guide (January 2005)
flame icon PMS 424 Prescribed Fire Complexity Analysis (January 2004)
flame icon PMS 486 Prescribed Fire Go/No-Go Checklist  (November 2013)
flame icon J-158 Radio Operator (May 2002)
flame icon J-253 Receiving and Distribution Manager (October 2003)
flame icon PMS 457 Recreation Area Fire Prevention (March 1999)
flame icon PMS 313 Resource Advisor's Guide for Wildland Fire (January 2004)
flame icon PMS-405-2 Safenet
flame icon J-259 Security Manager (July 2004)
flame icon PMS 934 Single Resource Casual Hire Information (September 2014)
flame icon NFES 1279 Smoke Management Guide (December 2001)
flame icon PMS 931 Unit Identifiers
flame icon PMS 937

User Guide for Development and Maintenance of NWCG Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminolgy (May 2014)

flame icon PMS 447 Water Handling Equipment Guide
(June 2013)
flame icon PMS 930 Weather Information Management System User Guide
(December 2011)
flame icon NFES 1874   Wildfire Origin and Cause Determination Handbook 1
(Revised 2005)
flame icon PMS 454   Wildfire Prevention and the Media (January 1998)
flame icon PMS 453 Wildfire Prevention Conducting School Programs Guide (March 1996)
flame icon PMS 452 Wildfire Prevention Event Management Guide (March 1996)
flame icon PMS 451 Wildfire Prevention Marketing Guide (March 1996)
flame icon PMS 456 Wildfire Prevention Patrol Guide (March 1998)
flame icon PMS 469 Wildfire Prevention Sign & Poster Guide (July 2005)
flame icon PMS 455 Wildfire Prevention Strategies (March 1998)
flame icon PMS 841 Wildland Firefighter Fatalities in the United States: 1990-2006
flame icon PMS 210 Wildland Fire Incident Management Field Guide (January 2014)
flame icon PMS 310-1 Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (310-1)
flame icon PMS 051 Wildland Urban Interafce Wildfire Mitigation Desk Reference Guide (August 2014)
flame icon PMS 476 Wildland Urban Interface Key Messages “Tip Card” (May 2012) (formatted for printing, 4-up)
flame icon PMS 307 Work Capacity Test - Administrator's Guide

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