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J-158 NFES 1968 Radio Operator
J-236   Staging Area Manager (STAM) (October 2013)
J-252 NFES 1555 Ordering Manager
J-253 NFES 1244 Receiving and Distribution Manager
J-254 NFES 1532 Base/Camp Manager
J-255 NFES 1558 Equipment Manager (July 2004)
J-257 NFES 1533 Incident Communications Center Manager
J-259 NFES 1246 Security Manager (July 2004)
J-342 NFES 2543 *** Documentation Unit Leader (Nov. 2008)

*** J-342's NFES number has been changed - from NFES 1909 to NFES 2543 (Nov. 2008)

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