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Task Books
PMS 311-12 Crew Representative  (CREP) (June 2009)
PMS 311-09 Division/Group Supervisor  (DIVS) (June 2009)
PMS 311-91 Basic Faller (FAL3)
Intermediate Faller (FAL2)
Advanced Faller (FAL1)
(November 2014)
PMS 311-14 Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1) Incident Commander Type 5 (ICT5) (June 2009)
PMS 311-08 Operations Section Chief Type 2/Type 1  (OSC#) (June 2009)
PMS 311-13 Single Resource Boss
Crew (CRWB)
Heavy Equipment (HEQB)
Engine (ENGB)
Felling (FELB)
Firing (FIRB)
Helicopter (HMGB)
(April 2012)
PMS 311-16

Staging Area Manager  (STAM) (June 2009)

PMS 311-10

Strike Team Leader Crew (STCR)
Strike Team Leader Heavy Equipment (STEO)
Strike Team Leader Engine (STEN)
Task Force Leader (TFLD)

(December 2013)

PMS 311-68 Structure Protection Specialist (STPS (June 2009)

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