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Evaluation Record (ms word) (pdf file)

PMS 311-88 Assistant Area Commander, Planning (ACPC) (June 2009)
PMS 311-24 Resources Unit Leader (RESL)
Situation Unit Leader (SITL)
Demobilization Unit Leader (DMOB)

(June 2009)
PMS 311-31 Display Processor  (DPRO) (June 2009)
PMS 311-25

Documentation Unit Leader  (DOCL) (June 2009)

PMS 311-26 Infrared Interpreter (IRIN)(October 2012)
PMS 311-30 Fire Effects Monitor (FEMO) Field Observer (FOBS) (September 2012)
PMS 311-29 Fire Behavior Analyst  (FBAN)
Long Term Fire Analyst (LTAN)
(June 2009)
PMS 311-77 Geographic Information System Specialist (GISS) (June 2009)
PMS 311-62 Human Resource Specialist  (HRSP) (June 2009)
PMS 311-23 Planning Section Chief Type 2/Type 1 (PSC# ) (June 2009)
PMS 311-32 Status / Check-in Recorder (SCKN) (June 2009)
PMS 311-28 Training Specialist  (TNSP) (June 2009)
PMS 311-72 Strategic Operational Planner  (SOPL) (June 2011)

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