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Incident Business Committee

Conference Call Notes
March 16, 2010

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Sarah Fisher, FS, IBC Chair
Hallie Locklear, BLM
Janell Ray, NASF
Jill Lipse, NASF
Nancy Hunt, BIA
Billie Farrell, FWS
Tim Blake, Branch Chief

Christine Peters, NPS
Kris King, Executive Secretary

Advanced Cost Course

The IBC discussed the need to issue training certificates for students participating in the Advanced Cost course. Hallie will ensure certificates are issued to students who’ve already attended the training. Trainers for future courses are responsible to issue certificates and ensure they do not include the NWCG logo as this is not an NWCG sanctioned course.

E-Isuite Development Group

The E-ISuite development team has requested an IBC Liaison to provide business feedback as necessary and answer questions during the development process. Jill volunteered to be the IBC liaison, based on her experience and involvement with the E-Isuite group. The IBC agreed that she’d be a great candidate. Sarah serves as the Business Lead for the Incident Based Automation project.

Incident Records Coordination

The IBC had temporarily taken on the role of incident records coordination until the support services branch was fully functioning. Recently, incident records responsibility was moved to Penny Barrowcliff with the NWCG Program Management Unit. This change is effective immediately, although no official paperwork has been sent from NWCG. Nancy will send incident record requests to Penny.

Penny requested the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) come to Boise and review incident records. Scott Rawley from NARA will meet with Penny on March 22, 2010 for this review. Nancy will attend the meeting and she will continue to be the IBC representative to take incident record issues forward to Penny.

After completing the incident records review, Scott will hold several records management workshops in Boise from March 23-26.

Incident Record Kits

Incident Record Kits are available to order from the cache. The kits are for large incidents and have all the guides, forms, files, labels, etc. needed to maintain incident records.

Request from Rocky Mountain/Great Basin IB Committee - PTB’s for Buying Team Members

Ron Schliz should be involved in this discussion before moving forward. Sarah will invite Ron to call in or attend the April IBC meeting in Boise.


Tim will research questions that Hallie and Sarah brought forward regarding why FireCode falls to IBC in the NWCG budget.

April IBC Meeting Logistics

The April IBC meeting will be held in Boise, from April 27 -29, 2010 at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott Boise Park Center. A block of rooms is being held through March 31, for out of town attendees. Hotel information:

Spring Hill Suites by Marriott, Boise Park Center
424 E Park Center Blvd
Boise, ID
Reserve rooms under: IBC ($83.00 per night)

April Meeting Agenda Items

Sarah will send out a draft agenda by April 12th. Get any additional agenda items to Sarah by April 7th.

Current Agenda Items include:

  • Handbook re-write group, tasking and kick-off
  • Fall meeting locations
  • Review NWCG budget guidance
    • Need to think about legitimate financial needs the IBC has and prepare the FY2011request
  • FEMA, responding to MA’s, billing, ULO reports, draft guidance, discussion with Marylea
  • DOI use of the I-Suite Enterprise Bus, discussion with Marylea
  • ½ day session to discuss the Casual Pay User Group (CPUG). During New Orleans meeting the IBC discussed and decided to disband this group. However, all the players were not present so we need to re-visit this and get a clear understanding of:
    • What this group does?
    • What this group was developed for?
    • What are the needs of the payment centers, NBC and IBC?
    • What are the datamart needs?
    • What is the structure of the group?
    • What are the best options to meet the needs?

The discussion will involve both payment centers managers and Barb Sylte, who has the EFF payment history and is a Datamart content publisher. Marylea Lockard (FS) and Denise Schmitz (DOI) will be invited to attend the meeting as well.

A facilitator will be present during this discussion. Hallie will talk to Shari Shetler to determine if she is available to facilitate this portion of the meeting. If Shari is unavailable, Tim will facilitate this discussion.

Sarah will look into another source for the IBC facilitator for all meetings.

Fall IBC Meeting

The dates for the IBC Fall meeting are October 25-29, 2010. During the spring meeting in April meeting will discuss location options.

Think about locations that could tie into IBC (FEMA, State Coop Plans, Incidents) and potentially do a ½ day learning session to glean business processes from other entities. Possible locations:

  • Cerro Grande, Santa Fe, NM
  • Inn of the Mountain Gods, Ruidoso, NM
  • WO or Regional FEMA Office
  • Texas A&M, College Station or Granbury, Texas
  • NPS Emergency Incident Coordination Center, Shenandoah, VA

Round Robin

  • Christine
    • Nothing to report
  • Hallie
    • BLM had a casual fatality during training last week, still working on handling paperwork. There is a process in place, but not widely known.
    • BLM looking at reporting casuals as part of Secretary Salazar’s youth initiative.
    • Casual FAQ’s will be available next week.
  • Janell
    • Nothing to report
  • Jill
    • Nothing to report
  • Nancy
    • Received a solicitation from Sherry Rose (Forest Service – ASC Workers Comp) asking for input into a supervisory crew boss manual that deals with workers compensation. Sherry is working to provide guides to the field regarding workers compensation and trying to make the guides interagency. Nancy worked with Hallie and her field folks and will respond back to Sherry this week.
    • National Forestry and Fire meeting in Phoenix last week, about 400 attended.
    • BIA has a We Tip program that pays people for providing tips to catch arsonists. A tribe in CA is taking their portion of the money and beginning a program for youth caught setting fires on tribal lands. The youth spend time with firefighters and prevention divisions and do 1,200 hours community service, instead of going through tribal courts and ending up with a criminal record. The program is for youth 8-18 years old and has been a huge success.
  • Sarah
    • The Forest Service Pay Plan was signed yesterday (Per Hallie, the DOI pay plan is still with WO HR awaiting signature).
    • This is the 2nd year that casual incidental travel has been paid off the OF-288. This year’s allowable expenses have expanded to include: taxis, shuttles and tolls.
    • FS is still working on finalizing the Death and Serious Handbook. Sarah will share the draft with DOI national business leads.
    • The Forest Service Business Practices website is changing and will have an extremely long url. Once it’s switched over there will be a re-direct from the current location.
    • Re-employed annuitants under the NDAA have to be authorized at the Under Secretary level for the Forest Service.
  • Tim
    • Training budget requests are due to Mark Koontz Ops & Workforce Development Committee on April 2nd. If you have budget needs, let Tim know by March 26th.
    • Mid year expense reports due back April 5th. Need to identify legitimate budget needs IBC has for the rest of the fiscal year. IBC has approx $3,500.00 available. Respond to Sarah by March 31 with needs. If there are no legitimate needs, this money will go back to NWCG.
    • The NWCG executive board looking into having meaningful face to face involvement with all committees.
    • Climate change is a big item on the radar. FPC wants to know what we are doing. This may change how we do business and there may be some IBC involvement.
  • Billie
    • Providing input to Sherry Rose for workers compensation supervisory crew boss manual.