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Terminology Updates

On April 30, 2010 the NWCG released a memo - NWCG#024-2010 “Terminology Updates Resulting from Release of the Guidance for the Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy (2009) ” which discusses the need to be consistent in our language. Memo #024-2010 provides clarification on terminology that changed with the revised Guidance for Implementation Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy.

NWCG Memo #024-2010

Another memo was released on July 8, 2010 – NWCG#030-2010 “Additional Guidance for Communicating about Managing Wildland Fire in light of Changes in Policy Guidance and Terminology” that offers additional guidance on how we talk about fire. Essentially the most effective way for us to communicate about fire with our cooperators, regulators, and the public is to describe our actions by telling what we are doing operationally, why we are taking these actions, and how these actions affect firefighters, the public and the social, ecological, and economic well-being of communities. Use plain language, without jargon or technical terms, to tell the story.

NWCG Memo # 030-2010