Computer Coordinator, COCO

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Incident Positions
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  • Advises IMT on the characteristics, capabilities, and data support potential of incident data processing equipment.
  • Plans and coordinates implementation of computer-based services and applications in support of the incident.
  • Performs regular system maintenance functions and resolves system and or user hardware and software application problems.
  • When systems fail to respond to established procedures, consults with technical manual to arrive at a resolution.
  • Investigates system malfunctions to determine the cause.
  • Defines and isolates the specific problem, using available diagnostic and error recovery techniques, and initiates corrective action.
  • Contacts vendor representative to determine the cause of problems that do not respond to available problem solving techniques.
  • Provides technical user support.
  • Works with incident managers to coordinate data capture and analysis projects.
  • Works actively to bring consistency to data operations.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Demonstrates skills including, ability to set up, operate and troubleshoot computer equipment.
  • Ability to set up and maintain both individual computers and a computer network in remote, dirty environment, which is non-typical of normal computer operations.
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