Fixed-Wing Parking Tender, FWPT

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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The position of a Fixed-Wing Parking Tender (FWPT) is part of the Air Operations Organization under an Air Operations Branch Director, and may operate through an Airtanker Base Fixed-Wing Base, Air Center or Dispatch Center.


  • Directs all movement within assigned area of all aircraft, vehicles, and personnel.
  • Verifies airtanker loading restrictions for each aircraft in consultation with the captain.
  • Supervises the retardant loading crew in loading retardant into airtankers. As necessary, may be trained in hot loading. Ensures mixing crew follows appropriate procedures.
  • Uses hand signals and radio communications to safely direct airtankers to their loading and parking areas. Maintains constant visual or audio communications with pilots. Has final responsibility for clearing the aircraft for taxi.
  • Observes and ensures the safety of both retardant loading and fueling operations. Keeps pits clear of all non-essential personnel and vehicles.
  • Directs retardant loading crew in maintaining the cleanliness of the ramp. Ensures that personnel stay clear of the propellers, and ensures that propellers are not damaged by foreign objects on the ramp. Ensures proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use by ramp personnel and flight crews.
  • Knows and ensures compliance with base emergency safety procedures and the use of required PPE, chock blocks, fire extinguishers, etc. Reports all hazards and incidents/accidents to the Ramp Manager; ensures that corrective action is taken.
  • Relays pilot needs (retardant, fuel, meals, rest, etc.) to appropriate personnel.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Knowledge of aircraft types and capabilities.
  • Knowledge of ramp safety and emergency procedures.
  • Knowledge of communications procedures; e.g., hand signals and use of radio communications equipment.

Supervisory Controls

The supervisor makes specific assignments that are accompanied by clear, detailed and specific instructions. The incumbent works as instructed and consults with the supervisor as needed on matters not covered by the original instructions or guidelines. Due to the safety aspects, work is closely controlled.


Guidelines for the position are primarily found in the Interagency Airtanker Base Operations Guide and the Fireline Handbook.
The incumbent uses judgment in locating and selecting the appropriate guidelines and procedures. Situations to which the existing guidelines cannot be applied are referred to the supervisor.


The work includes various duties involving related steps, procedures and methods. Skill requirements are minimal and are acquired through specific job training or experience.

Decisions as to what needs to be done involve choices that require the incumbent to recognize the existence of and differences among a few easily recognizable situations.

Actions to be taken involve responses to differences of a factual nature.

Scope and Effect

The work involves execution of specific rules, regulations, and procedures that comprise a segment of an assignment; i.e., the incumbent's work is a segment of ramp management operations.

The work product affects the readiness of air operations to accomplish this phase of incident management.

Personal Contacts

Contacts are primarily with contractors, fuel vendors, agency pilots and transitioning personnel.

Purpose of Contacts

The purpose of contacts is to facilitate the parking, securing and servicing of aircraft.

Physical Demands

Light exertion.

Work Environment

The work is performed at an airport or airfield improved or unimproved outdoors in typically hot weather.

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