RX Fire Manager, Type 2, RXM2

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Prescribed Positions
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  • The Prescribed Fire Manager is responsible to the Agency Administrator for implementing and coordinating assigned prescribed fire activities. The RXM1 may be assigned during periods when multiple, simultaneous prescribed fires are being conducted, multiple prescribed fires will be conducted within a short timeframe or where there is a complex interagency involvement.
  • Obtains briefings from ordering officials and/or the prior Prescribed Fire Manager.
  • Reviews Prescribed Fire Plans prior to implementation or assesses the current complex situation.
  • Acts as liaison/coordinator for the Prescribed Fire Burn Boss, local dispatch offices, other offices and agencies, air quality authorities, news media, transportation agencies and safety officials, and interested public groups.
  • Obtains and interprets long-term weather information.
  • Conducts strategy meetings and/or briefings as needed.
  • Sets priorities for allocation of resources.
  • Briefs Prescribe Fire Burn Bosses and direct operational assignments according to interagency policies, agency-specific policies, priorities and standards.
  • Monitors overall prescribed fire operations.
  • Ensures that all operations are conducted in a safe manner and in accordance with the Prescribed Fire Plans.
  • Ensures completion of all required documentation, including the evaluation and documentation of accomplishments, immediate fire behavior and fire effects, operational procedures and costs summaries.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Satisfactory performance as Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 2,
  • Satisfactory position performance as a Prescribed Fire Manager Type 2
  • Recommended Training includes Intermediate ICS (I-300) and Fire Program Management (M-581)


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