Air Space Coordinator, THSP

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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Duties (from Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide)

  • Plots all current Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) on sectionals.  Assesses situations involving classes of airspace, airport approaches and departures, flight schools, sky diving schools, congested airspace, special use airspace, Military Training Routes (MTRs) and unpublished airspace situations, cruise missile routes.
  • Contacts involved Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCCs) with assessment, and discuses airspace coordination and TFR procedures.
  • Coordinates the ordering of TRFs.
  • Maintains log of all airspace discussions (for legal purposes).
  • Distributes current TFRs to IMTs aviation operations.
  • Coordinates the combining of TRF when they overlap.
  • Obtains copies of any airspace agreements involving land management agencies and military bases.  Contacts Scheduling Activities (MTRs) or Controlling Agencies (SUAs) with maps of current TFRs.
  • Provides briefing, discussing airspace deconfliction and procedures for handling intrusions.
  • Checks published Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) with TFR requests, and verifies that they are accurate.
  • Checks NOTAMs on a daily basis.
  • Briefs Incident Management Teams (IMTs), Air Tactical Group Supervisors (ATGSs) and any other assigned pilots on the current TFRs and known airspace hazards.
  • Coordinates with other agencies including no-participating agencies needing to fly within the TFR for routine operations.
  • Receives reports of any intrusions, take immediate action with ARTCC and/or Military Representatives (MILReps) and Scheduling Activities/Scheduling Agencies.
  • Assures that an Aviation Safety Communique (SAFECOM) be filed for any airspace intrusions; follow through with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Department of Defence (DoD), etc, as needed.
  • Adjusts TFRs on an as needed basis after conferring with the appropriate Air Operations Branch Director.
  • Coordinates publishing a list of daily TFRs in the Annual Operating Plan (AOP).
  • Follows requests for temporary towers; coordinates staffing issues with FAA, Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD), and dispatch.
  • Requests FAA Regional Headquarters Liaison when necessary.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Working knowledge of Initial Attack Management System (IAMS)/Computer-aided Aviation Hazard Information System (CAHIS)
  • Extensive aviation and dispatch background
  • Initial Attack Dispatcher
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