Cache Liaison, THSP

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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When an incident is large enough to have multiple teams or there are multiple team assignments in any geographic area with multi-jurisdictional and multi-agencies involved, it may require the establishment of a Cache Liaison position assigned to the local servicing fire cache.  The Cache Liaison is the liaison between the Fire Cache Manager (FCMG) and the Logistics Section Chief (LSC), Supply Unit Leader (SPUL) and/or Receiving & Distribution Manager (RCDM).

  • Represents the Fire Cache and Fire Cache Manager.
  • Field contact person for Incident Management Team (IMT),  LSCs, SPULs, Area Command and National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) LSCs.
  • Maintains a list of incidents names with contact names and information.
  • Makes regular visits to each incident to establish personal contact with LSC and/or SPUL.  This involves spending quality time with those individuals and may include spending the night in camp.
  • Establish and maintain a good working relationship between the incident and the cache.
  • Informs individuals of how the servicing cache operates.
  • Keeps them up to date with availability of supplies and equipment.
  • Be up to date on different ordering procedures.
  • Individual is a troubleshooter and strives to resolve or assist incident personnel in resolving challenges and situations in the ordering and receiving of supplies and equipment.
  • Attends logistics/supply meetings.
  • Makes daily contact with the cache manager to keep him/her apprised of daily activities.
  • Is aware of new items in Cache.
  • Is aware of any kit changes.
  • Knows which items may be substituted for items that are out of stock.
  • Haz-mat and recycling awareness.
  • Interfaces with LSCs on Area Command & NIMO teams.
  • Participates on Fire Cache Managers conference calls, Area Command & NIMO Logistics conference calls.
  • Makes contact and establishes relationship with Expanded Dispatch.
  • Makes contact and establishes relationship with the Buying Team.
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