Cadre Support, THSP

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Incident Positions
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Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
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This position serves as a Technical Specialist to the relative courses/training.  While not a lead instructor nor an NWCG-certified instructor, this position would function as a mentor/coach and would assist instructor cadres with student learning. Hours under hire in this position would count as “Instructor Hours”).

Major Duties

  • Take direction from lead instructors or course coordinators.
  • Provide coaching to trainees in an active role
  • Manage various tasks and decision making, dependent on the criteria and analysis of each mentoring/coaching opportunity.
  • Provide counsel and advice to trainees.
  • Provide examples of work experience to groups or individuals and assist trainees in interpreting course and test materials.

Knowledge Required by the Position

  • Individual must have technical expertise that correlates with the specific training.
  • Individual must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Individual must possess skills and knowledge in the technical aspects of coaching/mentoring.
  • Individual must have working knowledge of current safety principles and practices.
  • If an individual is serving as a coach/mentor for an NWCG recognized position, they must be qualified and have experience performing in that position.

Supervisory Controls

The employee will work under the general supervision of the course coordinator or lead instructors. Instructors and coordinators will provide guidance and instruction regarding course/instructor expectations, guidance and policy, special problems, or unusual or difficult tasks that may fall outside of the mentor/coach position.


Guidelines will include NWCG course materials, NWCG Publications (e.g., IRPG), and other agency or non-agency material applicable to area of expertise.

Complexity/Scope and Effect

The purpose of the work is to provide additional guidance to individuals participating in training opportunities. These programs and materials have a wide impact on the management of incidents. Position complexity will increase dependent on course level and required experience. 

Personal Contacts/Purpose of Contacts

Individual will have contacts with course instructors and coordinators, students, and other mentors, as well as state or local government employees.   

Physical Demands

Light to Moderate:

Light – Duties may involve office type work with occasional field activity characterized by light physical exertion requiring basic good health. Activities may include climbing stairs, standing, operating a vehicle, and hours of long work, as well as some bending, stooping or light lifting. Individuals can usually govern the extent and pace of their physical activity.

Moderate – Duties involve fieldwork requiring complete control of all physical faculties and may include considerable walking over irregular ground, standing for long periods of time, lifting 25-50 pounds, climbing, bending, stooping, squatting twisting and reaching.  Individuals usually set their own work pace.  

Position Needs

The individual hired must either have a level of qualifications/training that will be recognized by the instructor(s) as being beneficial to mentor students or have IQCS qualifications that align with the course being taught.



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