Cost Apportionment Tech Specialist, THSP

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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Functional Area: 
Coordination & Support
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  • The Finance Section Chief supervises the Cost Apportionment Technical Specialist (CATS). The CATS is familiar and experienced with agency policies, accounting practices, cooperative fire protection agreements, cost share methodologies and procedures. When more than one CATS is assigned, the CATS are responsible to jointly develop cost share options and recommendations for consideration by the incident management.
  • Gathers pertinent information for briefings with responsible agencies.
  • Acts as advisor to the Incident Commander(s)/Agency Representative(s) during the development of cost shares and cost share agreements to insure conformity with Cooperative Fire Protection Agreements and agency(s) accounting practices.
  • Applies cost apportionment methodology to the utilization of resources as determined by the Incident Commander IC/AR.
  • Oversees and insures accuracy of development of daily cost share worksheets
  • Facilitates meetings with involved agencies for signatures of daily worksheets
  • Insures appropriate supporting documents are retained with daily worksheets to insure accuracy and accountability (i.e., maps, IAP, IA records, special instructions, etc.).
  • Develops Cost Share Agreement in accordance with Cooperative Fire Protection Agreements. Cost share agreements will convey each agency’s obligation with consideration to each agency’s accounting limitations.
  • Obtains local administrative guidelines, WFSA.
  • Completes all records prior to demobilization and briefs incident agency for billing purposes.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Completion of the FS-R5, Cost Apportionment Training
  • Ability to work with variety of personnel in highly stressful and political situations
  • Recommend “ISUITE” and “ICARS” knowledge
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