Heavy Equipment Technical Specialist , THSP

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Incident Positions
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The Heavy Equipment Technical Specialist is responsible for providing heavy/logging equipment technical assistance to Incident Management Teams (IMT) and Agency Administrators.  The Heavy Equipment Technical Specialist will report to the Operations Section.


  • Provides expert knowledge (equipment capability, cost, and site affects) of heavy equipment use in various fuel types, soil types, and slopes.
  • Reviews incident needs and discusses any special procedures or potential problems with the Unit Leaders.
  • Provides assistance and guidance to Operations, Plans, and Logistics by applying a high skill level to matters pertaining to the use and transport of heavy equipment.
  • Interprets minimum standards and assists in resolving issues pertaining to equipment standards and the safe operation of this equipment.
  • Coordinates and assists the Operations, Safety, and Logistics personnel with the operational requirements of the equipment, as well as the most efficient use of the equipment.
  • Works with the Incident Contract Project Inspector to assist in resolving issues within the scope of the agreement.
  • Briefs Operations, Safety, and Logistics personnel on current and potential problems and provides recommendations in order to alleviate issues.
  • Acts as a liaison officer between local forest industry resources, Agency Administrator(s), and the Incident Commander.


  • Successful completion of a light work capacity test and RT-130, Fireline Safety Refresher (if assigned to incident camps and/or fireline)
  • If this position is not assigned to an incident camp, then no fitness or RT-130 requirements.
  • Individuals meeting the qualifications of the Heavy Equipment Technical Specialist position normally have a minimum of 10 years of work experience regarding safe and efficient use of heavy equipment.

Personnel that are currently employed in the local wood products industry and foresters are a good source for personnel that may meet these requirements.



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