SEAT Coordinator, THSP

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  • Performs as a liaison between the agency and the SEAT bases of operations. Reports directly to the Bureau of Land Management State Aviation Manager (SAM) or United States Forest Service Regional Aviation Officer (RAO), when assigned to a specific area of responsibility.
  • Performs base inspections in the field, using standard SEAT Base inspection form. Provides assistance in rectifying any discrepancies, offers recommendations for more efficient operation.
  • Performs area inventory of possible remote SEAT bases. Compiles a listing of each prospective base of operations, listing the locations, local contacts and phone numbers, latitude and longitude, length, width, and composition of the landing surface. Provides descriptions of all facilities and identifies those that would be available for use by agency for SEAT operations. Lists phone numbers of possible water tenders available locally.
  • Initiates agreements, when possible, between airport authorities and the agencies for use of facilities needed at location. Provides procurement officer with information and contacts of possible vendors. (SECO does not have the authority to procure any vendors or to make any agreement for rental or lease.)
  • Performs evaluation in the field of the SEAT Manager (SEMG) and the base operation.
  • Performs evaluations, in conjunction with the SEMG and unit aviation officer, of the SEAT vendor pilot and support operations.
  • Assists agency unit aviation officer with deployment and movement of SEAT resources. Including recommendations on types of resources to be deployed (M-18 vs. AT802).
  • Compiles a comprehensive report on SEAT operations, within the area of operations as assigned. Offers recommendations for improvement. This report is to be delivered to the Contracting Officers’ Representative (COR) and the SAM or RAO, with a copy also going to the National SEAT Program Manager.
  • Has the authority to “sign off” specific tasks within the guidelines of the SEMG Task Book.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Qualification Prerequisites:
    • Must be a qualified and current SEMG with a minimum of five (5) years of experience as SEMG.
    • Must be qualified and current as Strike Team Leader.
    • Must be qualified and current as either Airtanker Base Manager, OR Fixed-Wing Base Manager, OR Helicopter Manager, OR Air Support Group Supervisor or above.
  • Experience Requirements:
    • Must have successfully performed as SEMG.
    • Must have successfully performed as a trainee SECO, under the direct supervision of a current and qualified SECO.


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