National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Structural Fire Fighter 2, THSP

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All-Hazard Positions
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This position meets the minimum standards set by NFPA.  The fire fighter is required to pass an arduous duty physical and meet the requirements of NFPA 1001.  These fire fighters are required to pass Fire Fighter 1 (FF1) class before attending fire fighter 2 training.  Fire fighters are trained in auto extrication, low angle rescue, and LPG fires.  Emphasis on this level is directed towards understanding how to use and apply the Incident Command System (IC) to keep their crews safe.  All information taught at the fire fighter 1 level is expounded up to this level.  Fire fighters at this level are trained to the hazardous materials operation level.

Position is supervised by Structural Fire Chief (overall), Incident Commander (during emergency operations).

Qualifications/Training Required for Position:

Fire Fighter 2 requires Fire Fighter 1 and Haz Ops prior to taking Fire Fighter 2.


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