Budget Advisory Unit

The Budget Advisory Unit (BAU) works directly for the NWCG Executive Board via charter. BAU members are budget management subject matter experts from the NWCG member entities. 

The NWCG BAU provides budgetary guidance that supports fiscal decisions of the NWCG Executive Board. Primary objectives include:

  • Provide assistance and advice to the NWCG Staff for the development of the annual budget and the quarterly expenditure report.
  • Communicate federal agency budget cycle requirements, spending caps, and other pertinent budget management information to the NWCG staff.
  • Identify NWCG budget management issues and concerns, and provide recommendations for improvement to the NWCG Executive Board through the NWCG Staff.

The NWCG BAU Charter

Interagency Agreement for NWCG Shared Funding

NWCG Budget Guidance


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