Budget Advisory Unit Roster

Other Rosters Associated With Last Name First Name Committee or Subgroup Group Role Email Phone # Parent Committee Job Title Agency Group Directory Other Rosters Role Represent Agency Start Date
Budget Advisory Unit Fay Gillian N/A Primary Member gillian_fay@fws.gov 208-387-5536 FWS Budget Officer DOI U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Staff DOI U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service May, 2017
Budget Advisory Unit Koontz Mark N/A Primary Member mark_koontz@nps.gov 208-387-5090 Program Lead, Planning & Programming DOI National Park Service Staff DOI National Park Service August, 2016
Budget Advisory Unit McDevitt Lisa N/A Chair lmcdevit@blm.gov 208-387-5540 Program Analyst DOI Bureau of Land Management Manager April, 2015
Budget Advisory Unit Streeter Lori N/A Primary Member lstreeter@fs.fed.us 208-387-5677 Budget Officer USDA Forest Service Staff April, 2015
Budget Advisory Unit Tatum Linda N/A Primary Member linda.tatum@bia.gov 208-387-5696 Budget Officer DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs Staff April, 2016