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The National Fire Equipment System (NFES) was created to provide standards for fire supplies and equipment as well as an organized method for ordering and stocking those items. The NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog, national in scope, reflects the items admitted to the NFES and the cache locations where they are stocked.   Each catalog item has been assigned a unique National Fire Equipment System (NFES) number for identification and ordering purposes.  The NWCG NFES Catalog consists of two parts:

NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 1: Fire Supplies and Equipment, PMS 449-1:  This portion pertains to incident fire supplies and equipment stocked by and ordered from the National Interagency Support Caches (NISC). Ordering from Part 1 is limited to federal and state agencies via the NISC located within their respective geographic areas. For questions, contact your local NISC.

NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 2: Publications, PMS 449-2:  This document contains the national interagency publications, wildland fire training course materials, and other reference materials which are stocked by and ordered from the Great Basin Cache (GBK), located at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho. Part 2 ordering is open to all parties. Please refer to the instructions below for ordering procedures.  For questions, contact the GBK Supply Office at (208) 387-5104.

All catalog item prices are adjusted annually in the spring.  Individual item prices may be subject to change without advance notice.

All NISCs perform an inventory once a year. The time frame varies among the caches. During inventory, resource orders for active incidents are the only orders processed. Routine orders are not processed during inventory. Call the NISC within your geographic area for specific information.

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Ordering Procedures for NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 2: Publications

All orders are made through the Great Basin Cache (GBK). 

Questions? Supply Office (208) 387-5104   

Note:  Phone orders are not accepted

Mail or Fax Orders to:
USDI-BLM Great Basin Cache Supply Office
National Interagency Fire Center
3833 South Development Avenue
Boise ID 83705
FAX: (208) 387-5573 / 5548

GBK is not responsible for ensuring the correct quantity or item number on any order.

All catalog items and related shipping charges are provided on a cost recovery basis by the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management.

Please use the suggested order form and credit card form provided here or any other forms that contain the following required information:

Shipping/Invoice Addresses:

  • Complete physical shipping address.  PO Boxes not acceptable.
  • Complete billing address to send invoices and/or credit card receipts.
  • Individual or company/agency name and telephone numbers for both shipping and billing locations.
  • Shipping contact person and telephone number.

Payment Methods:

  • Accepted Credit Cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • Amex 
  • Invoice (BLM Bill for Collection):
    • Check
    • Money Order
    • Credit Card (due 30 days from invoice date)

Photo of 2 firefighters standing next to supplies Shipping Methods:

  • Best Means is normally within 2 weeks of receipt of order, or
  • Overnight (must be specifically requested) is normally within 48 hours of receipt of order.

Shipping is FOB Origin (shipping charges are in addition to order cost).

Shipping charges are cost recovery.  The cost to ship to the destination is the exact shipping charge billed.

GBK will NOT estimate shipping charges.

Catalog Item Information:

  • NFES Number
  • Brief item description and course and/or form number.
  • Quantity ordered and unit of issue: The unit of issue in this catalog is each (EA) or package (PG).

Orders received without the information requested above will be delayed or destroyed. 

Credit Card Procedures

Questions? Supply Office (208) 387-5104

  • All ordering units may use credit cards to purchase items from NWCG NFES Catalog - Part 2: Publications, PMS 449-2.
  • Federal agencies, private individuals, university/college bookstores, and military units are credit card only purchases.
  • For privacy and security purposes, credit card information must be separate from the order form. Refer to the credit card form provided and submit with your publication order. The Great Basin Supply Office will not take credit card information over the phone.
  • We do not backorder any items that are not available. You will need to reorder if an item is out of stock. Please see Comments on the packing list within your shipment.
  • If the credit card account is declined by the bank for any reason, GBK will contact the cardholder by telephone for verification and request another credit card if necessary. Failure to rectify any problems with payment can affect the customer's ability to purchase from the GBK in the future.

Photo of fire crew and engine with smokey background Invoice Procedures

Questions? Billing/Collection (208) 387-5533

  • A USDI BLM Bill for Collections (Invoice) will be sent within 14 days of customer's receipt of the order. Payment is due within 30 days of the bill date. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card. Backup documentation is provided for reference and itemization purposes.
  • The cost of the items and the shipping charges will appear separately on the bill.
  • We do not back order any items that are not available.  You will need to reorder if an item is out of stock. Please see Comments on the packing list within your shipment.
  • GBK reserves the right to refuse orders from any agency/unit with past due balances over 90 days old until payment has been received in full. Submission of an order to GBK is an agreement to pay for all costs incurred by the USDI BLM to provide these materials. These costs include any and all shipping charges regardless of whether such costs were included on the original ordering/purchasing document. It is the responsibility of the person ordering materials to assure that all requirements have been met for their payment offices. Credit cards may become mandatory for any agency/unit that is found to be consistently difficult to collect from.

Shipment Receipt Procedures

Questions? Supply Office (208) 387-5104

  • Items are shipped with an issue/packing list. It is the customer's responsibility to immediately verify that all items listed on the packing list are included in the shipment.  Failure to do so may result in additional costs to reorder missing items.
  • Please see Comments area on the issue/packing list for information about items not carried, discontinued items, or any other specific information about your order. If there are questions once you receive your order, please refer to the Issue Number when calling GBK Supply Office.

Return Procedures

Questions? Supply Office (208) 387-5104

  • Publication orders may be returned for credit within 30 days of receipt ONLY if they have not been used and are still a viable item stocked by GBK.  Discontinued or obsolete items will not be credited.  Please refer to the issue number on the packing list in your correspondence when returning items.
  • Returned items on credit cards will be credited to the credit card account originally charged.
  • Credit for returned items on invoiced items will be applied to the subsequent order whenever possible within the current year. If no subsequent order or a specific request for credit is received, a refund check will be issued by U.S. Department of Treasury. This action is avoided due to the cost that reverts back to the Federal Government.  Due to costs incurred, future refunds may require banking information to initiate an EFT/ACH payment.
  • Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender, not GBK.



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