Committee Connections

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This page is a resource for committee chairs and includes information from both quarterly Committee Connections meetings and NWCG Annual Meetings.


Committee Chair(s) Email
Communication Education and Prevention Committee Tina Boehle
Data Management Committee Roshelle Pederson, Cole Belongie,
Emergency Medical Committee L. Kaili McCray
Equipment Technology Committee Dave Haston
Fire Environment Committee Tami Parkinson
Fuels Management Committee Mike VanHemelryck
Incident and Position Standards Committee Jim Shultz
Incident Business Committee David Burley
Interagency Fire Planning Committee Melissa Forder
Leadership Committee John Wood
M-581 Fire Program Management Course Steering Committee Dennis Darling
M-582 Agency Administrator Advanced Wildland Fire Course Steering Committee TBD
National Coordination System Committee Kathy Pipkin
National Incident Management System Integration Committee Steve Griffin and Ken Kehmna,
National Interagency Aviation Committee John Buehler
Risk Management Committee Eric Fransted
Smoke Committee Pete Lahm
Training Delivery Committee Heath Cota, Peter Dutchick,
Wildland Urban Interface Mitigation Committee Jeremy Taylor

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