Committee Member Expectations

NWCG accomplishes its mission using a system of committees and subgroups organized around the primary functional areas of wildland fire management. Committee members represent their respective agencies and serve as subject matter experts in their particular functional areas. They perform the vital function of participating, engaging, collaborating, and cooperating with other members to develop the interagency standards that are core to the NWCG mission.    

The NWCG Executive Board members are collectively committed to the success of each individual member and have established the following common expectations for all members:

  • Actively attend and participate in all committee meetings, conferences calls, and other assigned NWCG duties.
  • Focus on accomplishing your committee’s objectives, but do so with the larger NWCG mission in mind.
  • Effectively, efficiently, and within established timeframes accomplish the tasks assigned by the Executive Board and/or your parent committee.
  • Communicate with your agency’s NWCG Executive Board member and/or your agency’s parent committee representative as necessary.  Brief them regarding issues of a complex or controversial nature, and actively seek their input, perspective, and guidance.
  • Ensure that proposed NWCG standards developed by your committee are reviewed by the appropriate personnel in your agency prior to completion.
  • Provide a consolidated position for your agency during your committee’s NWCG standards development processes.
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