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Aviation Watch Outs


As part of risk management, especially during high activity fires, each aviation manager and employee should be asking questions about every mission.

  • Is the flight necessary?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Are hazards identified and known?
    • Have flight hazards been assessed? Have the pilots been informed?
  • Should the operation or the flight be stopped due to a change in conditions? Consider the following:
    • Radio communications.
    • Environmental conditions – weather, visibility, terrain, elevation, temperatures.
    • Mission priorities.
    • Successful mission completion probabilities.
  • Is there a better way to complete the mission?
  • Is there pressure to complete a mission at all costs?
  • Can you justify your actions?
  • Is the mission airspace confined or congested?
    • Multiple aircraft.
    • Mixed types of aircraft.
    • Poor visibility.
  • Do you have an escape route?
  • Are any guidelines or policies being ignored?
  • Is communication between any individuals strained or tense?
  • Are you deviating from the assigned operation or flight?


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Nov 2020

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