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Helicopter Landing Area Safety


The following points should be considered when operating around an unimproved landing site:

  • Always wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) when working near an operating helicopter (eye, hearing, head, etc.).
  • Always get the approval of a flight crew member or the pilot before approaching an operating helicopter.
  • Only approach and depart a helicopter as directed. Use a slightly crouched position. Do not run. Always keep in the pilot’s field of vision.
  • Never go near the tail of helicopters.
  • When loading helicopters in uneven terrain, always approach and depart from the down slope (lower) side and do not hold equipment overhead.
  • Remove or secure loose articles prior to working around an operating helicopter.
  • Do not reach up for or chase after loose objects.
  • Blowing dust, sand, or rocks caused by the helicopter’s rotor wash can be hazardous. Institute dust abatement actions at the landing area if necessary.



Page Last Modified / Reviewed: 
Nov 2020

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