Constructing Line Without a Safe Anchor Point

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May 2021
8. Constructing line without safe anchor point. A red fire engine is located inside a burned area with flames all around it while a firefighter sprays water from a hose at some of the flames.

8. Constructing line without safe anchor point.

An anchor point is an advantageous location, usually a barrier to fire spread, from which to start constructing a fireline. This Watch Out depicts an engine crew working along the fire edge without a clear anchor point.

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When deciding where to build fireline, the following considerations must be weighed:

  • Can you hold the line? How do you do so and ensure your safety if there is a danger of the fire hooking under/around you?
  • Are there adequate safety zones and escape routes? Review what constitutes an adequate safety zone and escape route. Who has the responsibility to designate them and monitor their continued suitability?
  • Can you develop your starting point into an anchor point? List some effective anchor points. Describe how you would develop your starting point into an anchor point.
  • Have you posted lookouts? Where should they be posted? Can they see the main fire? Describe the qualities of a skilled lookout?
  • Do you have effective communications? Who do you need to be in contact with? If there are problems with communications, what can you do to improve them?
  • To reduce risk, evaluate several locations before making a decision. Talk about fires where you have had to relocate the line because your anchor point did not hold the fire.
  • How have you mitigated Watch Out Situation #8 in the past?


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