Interagency Emergency Helicopter Extraction Source List, PMS 512

The Interagency Emergency Helicopter Extraction Source List, PMS 512, provides incident management and coordination system personnel with a national list of emergency helicopter extraction availability and capability. This source list is compiled from federal, state, municipal governments, military, and Emergency Medical Response (EMS) and/or extraction programs throughout the country. This document can be useful when filling in the "Emergency Contact Checklist" on the NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Guide and Checklist, PMS 503.

Emergency helicopter extraction is used to insert emergency response personnel and/or extract critically injured personnel from remote or inaccessible locations. Incident management and coordination system personnel should take the time to understand the capabilities and limitations of helicopter extraction. Read our background and consideration information section including ordering resources and mission planning.

Geographic Area: Northern Rockies

Geographic Area: Northern Rockies
Source Map Location Map # Make & Model Ordering Procedure
Active Military - Airforce (Malstrom Air Force Base) Great Falls, MT 2 Bell 205 (UH-1H)

GACC or 911 dispatch centers should coordinate requests for military, Coast Guard, and National Guard resources through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at phone #: 800-851-3051.

Direct contact: Malstrom Air Force Base, phone: 406-731-3801.

Central Montana Helitack Helena, MT 4 A-star AS-350 B3

Contact: Helena Interagency Dispatch Center (Day) 406 449-5475, (Night) 406 444-4242

Flathead County Sheriff (Air One) Kalispell, MT 3 Bell 429

Have local dispatch place order with Flathead County Sheriff Dispatch 406-260-4319.

National Park Service (Yellowstone) Yellowstone, WY 1 A-star AS-350 B3

Contact: Bozeman Interagency Dispatch Center (BZC), 406-624-3830, or Yellowstone Dispatch, Laura Dooley, 307-344-2181.

Two Bear Air SAR Whitefish, MT 5 Bell 429 hoist capable

Request through Flathead County Dispatch. The Flathead County Sheriff's Department makes ultimate decision. 406-260-4319.