Aerial Capture Eradication And Tagging Animals Unit

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Mission Statement

The Interagency Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals (ACETA) Unit provides national leadership to promote the safety and well-being of all personnel involved in aerial ACETA operations by developing and disseminating interagency ACETA operations guidance.

    A helicopter rounds up a group of wild horses on the range. Decorative
    • Develop and disseminate ACETA guidance applicable to pertinent agencies, states, counties, and vendors.
    • Solicit, identify, evaluate, and address ACETA operations, safety, regulatory, equipment, management, performance, and personnel issues.
    • Share information and technology between participants, other working groups and the aviation community.
    • Review and approve new ACETA equipment, accessories and modifications.
    • Provide oversight of contractor and agency equipment and procedural compliance.
    • Identify training needs and develop courses for use in the field by ACETA personnel.

    A helicopter rounds up a group of wild horses on the range. Decorative.

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