Dispatch Efficiencies Subcommittee

DESC header graphic. A fire rages on hillside with a photo to the right of a dispatch operator pointing to a location on a wall map. Decorative.

Mission Statement

The Dispatch Efficiencies Subcommittee (DESC) provides national oversight on dispatch operating standards.

Female wildland fire dispatcher sits at a bank of computers reading the screens. Decorative.
  • Establish and maintain standards for dispatch with publications like Chapter 19 of the Red Book; Dispatch Job Aide; Interagency Standards for the ROSS Operations Guide (ISROG), etc.
  • Coordinate with National Dispatch Training Subcommittee (NDTS) on dispatch training and continuing education.
  • Provide subject matter expertise for other NWCG committees and projects.

A female wildland fire air traffic dispatcher sits at desk with radio equipment in front of windows looking out over air field. Decorative







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