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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Alter, Rachael Associate Member Other 208-949-8630
Anderson, Debbie Advisor Forest Service 503-808-2286
Symonds, Jennifer Primary Member Forest Service 208-387-5978
Denny, Wayne Advisor Other 208-334-4000
Chen, Vivian Primary Member Forest Service 202-205-1457
Gholson, TJ Advisor Bureau of Land Management 208-484-8878
Grubbs, Larry Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 850-681-5920
Hicks, Bruce Advisor Other 775-742-7285
McCray, L. Kaili Chair Other
Moore, Michelle Primary Member Bureau of Indian Affairs 208-871-6273
Otoupalik, Steve Advisor Other 541-822-3728
Powell, Jim Advisor Other 530-925-5733
Schmidt, Rodney Advisor Other 406-837-4590
Blake, Tim NWCG Coordinator National Park Service
McCowin, Tyler Primary Member Bureau of Land Management 208-373-4030
Wise, Ross Primary Member Fish and Wildlife Service 702-515-5465
Norton, Kevin Advisor Bureau of Land Management 208-387-4426
Handrigan, Michael Advisor National Park Service 202-577-4827
Stull, Anna Advisor Other 303-273-8415
Southard, Andrew Advisor Bureau of Land Management
Maxwell, Shaughn Primary Member International Association of Fire Chiefs 425-754-2285