2019 VFS Field Evaluation

2019 Operational Field Evaluation of the Vaporless Fueling System

Why (Purpose):

The purpose of the operational field evaluation is to provide a realistic and objective assessment of:

  1. How the system improves the current process for refueling.
  2. How mitigates the risk of fuel geysering.

In short, to see if the system works in real- world field conditions.


The Soter Fueling System (SFS) is a vaporless refueling system designed for chainsaws to mitigate the risk of injury from fuel geysering.  The SFS is a closed refueling system that prevents vapor from being released.   Information on the durability, maintainability and usability of the system is being evaluated by selected chainsaw operators.


The operational field evaluation is being conducted by a selected interagency fire and non-fire crews.  If you are interested in please contact Ralph Gonzales (Ralph.Gonzales@USDA.gov). 

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Reporting Period

Activity Type

Equipment Failure

If the failure was due to a fuel geyser, please report the incident on the Fuel Geyser Incident Reporting form.


The purpose of the reliability evaluation is to discover any design problems that did not manifest or could not be tested in the laboratory setting. The definition of failure is an essential component of the reliability evaluation.

Description of Failure

Please provide a summary of the failure. Include the type of failure, activity being performed. If on an incident, please include the incident name.

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