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Delineating Fire Danger Operating Areas Using NIFC AGOL Online

National Interagency Fire Center ArcGIS OnLine (NIFC AGOL) is an online, collaborative GIS platform that meets the spatial analysis requirements for developing Fire Danger Operating Plans and other fire danger application guides.

This system is being used to replace and improve the functionality of desktop GIS software that’s been used for past fire danger analyses. This will be achieved through ongoing development of NIFC AGOL applications to guide specific analysis segments, such as defining Fire Danger Rating Areas and capturing the fire occurrence within them in a format that can be used within FireFamilyPlus.  The system also supports data sharing, which greatly reduces the need to maintain intensive geospatial data locally.

It’s necessary that those responsible for the spatial analysis functions within the Operating Plan analysis to have a NIFC AGOL account.​

Request a new NFIC AGOL account
Be sure to select Data Projects as the primary use of account.
Access the NIFC AGOL web site

Check back here for updates on how to access and utilize this exciting new capability.



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