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Rollout Workshop Goals and Objectives, NFDRS

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Rollout Workshop Goals

  • Update users on the new science.
  • Improve the use of the National Fire Danger Rating System through standardized interagency applications of the system.
  • Build a strong, interagency collaborative effort at all levels to engage in the full rollout plan as outlined.
  • Work with interagency partners to achieve a “a safe and effective fire response" identified as a goal of Cohesive Strategy.
  • Work with “the best available science” identified as a goal of Cohesive Strategy.
  • Increase internal and external awareness and understanding of NFDRS2016.
  • Share expected impacts and benefits related to the implementation and simplification of the system.
  • Set expectations for NFDRS system training, support, analysis, and evaluation to ensure consistent national deployment and within the ten geographic areas.

Rollout Workshop Objectives

  • Rollout Workshops will provide local units with training on the new science who leave with an updated interagency operational plan that responds to planned and unplanned ignitions based on the best available science and consistent interagency applications.
  • Ensure all jurisdictions participate in making and implementing risk based wildfire management decisions using the best available science.
  • Roll out the NFDRS2016 model embedded in Fire Danger Operating Plan in a modular style delivered to allow flexibility for interagency NFDRS users including for those who only desire to have updates on the NFDRS2016 model.
  • Encouraged all agencies with wildland responsibilities to participate in the full rollout process, including the workshops.
  • Ensure all audiences are aware of changes to NFDRS, timelines and progress of the NFDRS2016 deployment, and impacts on NFDRS outputs and products.
  • Provide a range of NFDRS information sharing and learning opportunities for internal NFDRS users at all levels within the wildland fire organization.
  • Provide avenues for user comments, reporting of implementation problems, and feedback from field testing and evaluation in order to address application bugs, issues and/or concerns with clear, timely, and easily accessible information.
  • Provide consistent and updated NFDRS information messaging using this web page through the NFDRS2016 deployment, transition, and decommissioning of NFDRS1978 and 1988 systems.
  • Provide a national cadre of NFDRS2016 subject matter experts to support NFDRS testing, training, troubleshooting, and NFDRS product development and review especially in the areas of fire danger operating plans and pocket cards.
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