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Weather Information Management System (WIMS)

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The Weather Information Management System (WIMS)

WIMS, a web-based application, is a comprehensive system that allows users to manage weather and fire danger information. WIMS serves as the host for the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS 2016). A User account is necessary to access the WIMS website and its functions.

WIMS How-To Videos

WIMS Tech Notes

Weather Information Management System screen shot     Weather Information Management System screen shot

WIMS provides users with the following functionality:

  • Timely access to weather observations from Remote Automate Weather Stations (RAWS)
  • Calculation of NFDRS2016 output values for RAWS and RAWS groupings
  • Automatic transfer of weather observations from WIMS to the NWS 
  • Automatic transfer of weather forecasts from the NWS to WIMS
  • Data manipulation and display functions
  • User edit access control functions
  • Since WIMS is web based the observations are available for use in other online services including WFAS

WIMS data is password protected. A NESS Application Portal (NAP) logon ID is required. 
Request a NAP user account 

If you already have a NAP account, 
Access WIMS observations

If you already have a NAP account, 
Access raw weather data


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