Fire Shelter Subcommittee

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Mission Statement

The Fire Shelter Subcommittee (FSSC) provides interagency leadership and oversight in all areas of fire shelter program management.

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  • Provide input to the National Training and Development Program (NTDP) regarding fire shelter specifications.
  • Support continuous improvement of fire shelters and the fire shelter program.
  • Assist with the development of fire shelter training.
  • Recommend and communicate fire shelter life-cycle standards.
  • Coordinate with NTDP and other pertinent entities to accomplish the subcommittee’s mission.
  • Communicate pertinent fire shelter information effectively.
  • Maintain a fire shelter website.

Fire Shelter Product Review

A comprehensive five year Fire Shelter Review was completed in May, 2019. The results determined retaining the use of the current fire shelter.  The study indicated that the current fire shelter continues to provide the most practical amount of protection given the tradeoffs of weight, volume (bulk), durability, and material toxicity.

Relevant NFES Cache Memos

  • 2009-3 Re-bagging New Generation Fire Shelters
  • 2007-4  Fire Shelter Polyvinyl Bag Retrofit
  • 2005-4  New Generation Fire Shelter Exchanges
  • 2005-1  Completion of New Generation Fire Shelter Retrofit Program
  • 2004-1  New Generation Fire Shelter Retrofit Plan

Fire Shelter Deployments: Stories and Common Insights" is a program developed by the US Forest Service Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) that will help you understand what you may experience in a fire shelter deployment.

Watch videos featuring fire shelter deployment stories including:

Watch videos featuring common insights for the following topics:



The New Generation Fire Shelter

Video Length: 25:27

Video: Refolding Your Practice Fire Shelter

Video Length: 3:40

The following training information is available to order through NFES Publication Catalog:



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