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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Fleming, Deb NWCG Coordinator Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5745
Bladow, Chad Associate Member Other 317-829-3807
Dyer, Daniel Primary Member Bureau of Indian Affairs 503-231-2175
Jones, Darryl Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 803-896-8817
McHugh, Chuck Primary Member Forest Service 406-829-6953
Ward, Mike Primary Member Forest Service 404-347-3192
Savage, James Primary Member Bureau of Land Management 916-978-4431
O'Connor, Josh Vice Chair Fish and Wildlife Service 503-872-2756
Engber, Eamon Alternate National Park Service 707-465-7734
Boespflug, Casey Chair Bureau of Land Management 907-356-5859
Garcia, Tom Primary Member National Park Service 530-242-3443