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Geographic Information System Specialist (GISS) Position:

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), working on behalf of the National Integration Center, Incident Management Systems Integration Division (Department of Homeland Security), identified and compiled a master list of the core competencies and behaviors for each ICS position identified in the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  The competencies and behaviors form the basis for position-specific training, position task books, job aids, and other performance-based documents.  Successful performance must be properly documented in an approved position task book (PTB). The PTB contains all critical tasks that are required to perform the job. The process of demonstrating the abilities to perform the position is the completion of a PTB. The tasks in each NWCG PTB have been established by subject matter experts from all NWCG agencies and geographical areas of the United States, and tested and approved by the NWCG.  The basis for recommending agency certification is successful completion of all required tasks of the position, as determined by the Evaluator(s) and Final Evaluator. Certification and documentation of completed PTBs is the responsibility of the Certifying Official from the home unit/agency (this includes the employing agency when applicable).

Currency Requirements: The position has a 5-year currency requirement. Currency for a position can be maintained by successful performance in the position within the given timeframe. 

Qualifications Guide (310-1)

GISS Position Task Book (PTB)

National Wildland Fire Training Site

Geographic Information System Standard Operating Procedures On Incidents  should be implemented on all wildland fire incidents. It standardizes GIS products and methods and is intended to improve service to decision-makers, including Incident Management Teams (IMTs) and others who rely on this critical information. The primary audience for this document is the GISS performing GIS work on a wildland fire incident, other positions (e.g., other members of the Planning Section) who support the IMT and who use incident data and products, and personnel reliant on Planning Section products; for example, Public Information Officers and Operations Section personnel. Also see the 2018 GSTOP Addendum Document.

GISS Introductory class (online)

S-341 GIS Specialist (GISS) for Incident Management Training

GISS Tools









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