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Standard Templates, Tools, and References

We have collected a variety of tools, documents, and other resources can be downloaded from this page to assist the GISS on an incident. Please provide any suggestions for page content to your GSC representative.

Job Aids and Reference Information

Spatial Data Sources

Wildfire Response GIS Group on GeoNet

You are invited to join the Wildfire Response GIS group on GeoNet!  The new Wildfire Response GIS group in the GeoNet Community is open. This is a place to ask questions, get updates from the NIFC ArcGIS Online Organization Admins, and connect with your Fire GIS colleagues.  It is a “private” group, which means the content is not searchable by the public and is only accessible to members of the group.

Get started: Join and contribute today!

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NIFC AGOL Org username and password and accept the Esri GeoNet Terms of Use and Conditions.​
    • NOTE: GeoNet only allows an email address once in the entire system. If you have ever signed into GeoNet with another AGOL account that uses the same address, you will receive an error. If you receive this error, you can submit a Support Request to change your NIFC Org account email to a different address.  Alternatively, if you actively use the other account, you may log in and request access with it.  If you use your work email address for your NIFC account and your agency uses an ‘Enterprise Login’ for their own AGOL Org (BLM, NPS, USFS), we recommend you submit a Support Request to change your NIFC Org account email or use your agency login to request access to the group.
  3. Click “Ask to join this group” and give the Admins at least 1 business day to approve your request. You will receive a notification in your GeoNet inbox once you’ve been accepted in.
  4. Read the welcome blog post Start Here: Welcome to the Wildfire Response GIS Community.

Got Questions? Check out these GeoNet Community Quick tips:

  • For any questions or issues logging in, contact the Wildfire Response GIS group owners at
  • Please briefly review the GeoNet Guiding Principles.
  • Check out the GeoNet 101 links on the right side of the home page and the Helpful Links on the left for useful information.

Thanks for joining and we look forward to your questions and engagement in our new GeoNet Community!



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