GPS for Fire Management Operations & ICS Course

GPS for Fire Management & ICS is a 16-24 hour course for fire and incident management staff providing advanced training in the use of GPS equipment for navigation and data collection. Course participants use GPS receivers to navigate, collect data that can be communicated in written or verbal formats, and download data to create files for use in a geographic information system (GIS) program, to meet the needs of GIS specialists, fire managers, or incident command staff. The use of GPS is one of the most efficient methods for documenting information regarding the location of facilities, conditions, and environments affected by Wildfire, Floods, Earthquakes, and other incidents.

2013 materials were used for 2014 courses. Materials for the course are posted below as individual downloadable files. Right click on the link and "Save Target As..."

For more information on the classroom version of this course, or to request a GPS course curriculum that meets your local units needs, contact Kathie Hansen, GPS Training cadre lead:

  • Class Information
    GPS for Fire Management & ICS Class Information
  • Introduction to GPS
    An overview of the Global Positioning System, differential correction, coordinate systems/projections, and datums.
  • GPS for Fire Management & ICS Book
    Course Book & Exercises. Prepare a receiver for navigation and for field data collection. Learn to navigate. Learn proper field collection methods, and post-processing data for use in a GIS.
  • Coordinate Conversion
    Convert between different Latitude/Longitude formats
  • Data Management
    Guidelines for managing data with an intuitive naming convention and directory structure and how to tie in with the GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents guidelines.
Geospatial Training Unit (GTU)