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Welcome to the NWCG Geospatial Training Unit (GTU) Resources Page!

The GTU Unit has the primary responsibility for business stewardship within NWCG for coordinating the S-341, GIS Specialist for Incident Management course, and for coordinating or advising on other geospatial courses and curriculum for NWCG.

The following information is specific to GIS Specialist (GISS) incident command system position:

  • GIS Specialist Training Site.  The GIS Specialist Training site contains online training and reference materials to assist GIS Specialists (GISS) with incident related duties. This site is intended to be a single stop for GISS introductory and advanced training using current technology, tools, and workflows. This site also includes information and work required for the S-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management Classroom training. The site is being managed by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's (NWCG) Geospatial Training Unit (GTU).


  • GISS Introductory Class.  The purpose of the GISS Introductory Class is two fold. First is to provide lectures, reference materials, workflows, and documentation for people interested in learning how to use GIS to support wildland fire response. Second is to provide initial course work for those students nominated to attend the S-341 Classroom Training. The GISS Introductory Class stands on its own and in many circumstances will be all that new and experienced GISS need to provide initial or refresher training in wildland fire incident support.  It may also serve as important basic training for a GISS Trainee who has not been able to, or doesn't have an agency requirement to, take S-341.


  • S-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management Classroom Training.  The GIS Specialist course is designed to develop the competencies of a Geographic Information Systems Specialist (GISS) trainee for wildland fire and all-hazard incidents managed with the Incident Command System (ICS). The S-341 Classroom Training is not designed to teach basic ArcGIS functionality or concepts. As a GIS Specialist students are expected to have expertise using ArcGIS technology and should come to the class prepared to implement that technology.  The S-341 Classroom Training will allow students to apply what was learned during the GISS Introductory Class to a simulated fire assignment. This simulated fire assignment will involve working with other students in a timed environment to create products that will be graded. Students must complete the assignments with a 70% or better grade to pass the class and get a completion certificate.

























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