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Name Committee Role NWCG Member Agency Office Phone Email
Angle, Alan Advisor Forest Service 231-775-5023
Black, Jordan Primary Member National Park Service 865-430-4755
Oelrich, Barry Advisor Fish and Wildlife Service 303-236-4526
Schardt, Jeff Vice Chair Forest Service 706-695-6736
Steber, Shawn Advisor Forest Service 406-829-6785
Connor, Frank Primary Member Fish and Wildlife Service 509-531-1772
Womack, Michael Chair National Association of State Foresters 434-983-2175
Blake, Tim NWCG Coordinator National Park Service
Vacant Primary Member Bureau of Indian Affairs
Hislop, Mike Advisor Bureau of Land Management 208-387-5423
Scott, Christopher Primary Member National Association of State Foresters 270-206-2044