Incident Business Committee AD Positions

In the event there is an emergency in progress on the effective date of this pay plan, the casuals on that emergency shall be paid under the provisions of the AD pay plan in effect at the time of hire. This pay plan applies wherever and whenever it becomes necessary to hire persons:
  1. To cope with a sudden and unexpected emergency caused by a fire, or extreme fire potential, flood, storm, or any other all-hazard emergency that threatens damage to federally protected property, has the potential to cause loss of life, serious injury, public health risk, or damage to natural or cultural resources unless brought under immediate control.
  2. To provide emergency assistance to States under formalized agreements (para. E).
  3. To meet mission assignments issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Such hiring is of uncertain or purely temporary duration, and must be terminated when other employment methods can be initiated. This plan does not provide the authority to hire individuals for out of country assignments. This pay plan is complete within itself. Therefore, for any hiring under this plan, the provisions herein take precedence over any other policies or regulations that may be prescribed elsewhere. References: 2021 DOI AD Pay Plan Memo | 2021 DOI AD Pay Plan | 2021 Forest Service AD Pay Plan Information | 2021 Forest Service Casual Hire Travel Process | Process for requesting Change to AD Pay Plan | PD Template | Complete list of AD Pay Plan Positions
Functional Area Position Category Position Title Position Code AD Class
Finance Incident Positions Claims Specialist CLMS AD-E
Finance Incident Positions Commissary Manager CMSY AD-E
Finance Incident Positions Comp for Injury Specialist INJR AD-E
Finance Incident Positions Comp/Claims Unit Leader COMP AD-H
Finance Incident Positions Contract Representative Nationwide THSP AD-G
Finance Incident Positions Contract Representative Northwest CRNW AD-G
Finance Incident Positions Cost Unit Leader COST AD-H
Finance Incident Positions Equipment Time Recorder EQTR AD-E
Finance Incident Positions Finance Section Chief, Type 1 FSC1 AD-L
Finance Incident Positions Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 2 FSC2 AD-K
Finance Incident Positions Finance/Administration Section Chief Type 3 FSC3 AD-J
Finance Incident Positions Incident Contract Project Inspector ICPI AD-G
Finance Incident Positions Personnel Time Recorder PTRC AD-E
Finance Incident Positions Procurement Unit Leader PROC AD-I
Finance Incident Positions Time Unit Leader TIME AD-H